16 Bars Wins 2019 Macon Film Festival Music Category

Congratulations to the 2019 Macon Film Festival award winners! 

- Fulldome - Best Immersive Experience: Sphere project creators Mickaël Le Goff and Robot Koch
- Fulldome - Best Long Form: Hiruko project creator Masashige IIda
- Fulldome - Best Short Form: Immersive project creators Jeremy Oury & Antoine Briot
- Best of 'Student Shorts' Category: American Letters director Kevin Keck
- Best of 'LGBT' Category: Pageant Material director Jonothon Mitchell
- Best of 'Documentary' Category: Edgecombe director Crystal Kayiza
- Best of 'Narrative Shorts' Category: FIRST DISCO director Helen O'Reilly
- Best of 'Narrative Feature' Category: Rwanda director Riccardo Salvetti
- Best of 'Georgia Made' Category: This World Alone director Jordan Noel
- Best of 'Music' Category: 16 Bars director Samuel Bathrick
- The Melvyn Douglass 'Best in Show' Award: Liyana the Movie director Aaron Kopp & Amanda Kopp
- Audience Choice Virtual Reality Shorts: Everest: A VR Experience director Jonathan Griffith
- Audience Choice Macon Made Short: Euphorica director Phillip S. Wheeler
- Audience Choice Narrative Short: Treatment Short Film director Andrea (Andi) Behring
- Audience Choice Documentary: Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin director Arwen Curry
- Karen Black Audience Choice Narrative Feature: Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero director Richard Lanni

Mike Mullis